The phone rings. The voice on the other end of the line tells you they are on their way over to your house for a visit. Great! Then you panic. Your house has that lived-in look and feel but it’s not ready for last-minute guests. Here are some minute housecleaning tips that will help you get your house tidied up and ready for the arrival of last-minute guests.

Hide The Clutter

Getting rid of the clutter in a room will instantly make it feel cleaner. Scoop the clutter up and hide it. Open the desk drawer and swipe the desk clutter into the drawer. Put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher or oven. Shove the dirty clothes under the couch or bed. Hide the clutter in the garage or laundry room. Take a minute and hide the clutter in any place that your last-minute houseguests are unlikely to see.

Focus For A Minute

Focus your housecleaning on the rooms your houseguests will be in. The entry way, living room, main bathroom and kitchen. After hiding the clutter in these rooms, focus a minute or two of cleaning time in the center of the rooms.

Entry Way And Living Room

Sweep/vacuum the entry way and spray air freshener or light a scented candle so your guests will be greeted with a good smelling fragrance.

Dust the coffee table, fluff the couch pillows and vacuum the center of the room. Forget the cobwebs in the corner, your guests will most likely only notice the center, eye-level ( eye-level when standing and sitting) objects in a room.

Minute-Clean The Main Bathroom

The main bathroom in your house in a place most likely to visited by your last-minute houseguests. It’s also the location in your house where they will observe everything without being observed themselves. Take a couple of minutes to clean the mirror, wipe the bathroom vanity top, sink and faucet. Swish a good smelling toilet bowl cleaner in the bowl and wipe the toilet seat. Close the shower curtain and hang clean towels.

Clean Smelling Kitchen

In the kitchen, rinse the sink, wipe off the counter tops, take the trash out and put something that smells good cooking on the stove top. Put water in a sauce pan and add some cinnamon sticks, cloves or sliced apples and simmer to make your house smell inviting and fresh.

Last-minute houseguestscan be welcomed without you feeling panicked or anxious. A minute or two spent focused on the main rooms hiding the clutter, wiping down surfaces, cleaning the center of the room and having a fresh fragrance in the air will give the appearance of an overall clean house.